RC Srl - Lavorazione meccanica alluminio Brescia


We have the latest, most modern machinery so we can guarantee complete mechanical processes, perfect and economical.  The use of CAD/CAM  allows us to programme our machinery in a highly efficient way. The result: short production time and the guarantee of high quality.

Machinery Park

  • No. 1 Emmegi – soft 5 axis working table  10500 x 550mm

  • No. 16 tools – with the possibility of working 4 zones ( working exclusively on aluminium profiles)

 NB  We are perhaps the only company that has a post processor for the management of the 5 axis machine and its         c   complex operations.

  • No. 1  OKUMA high production working table,  diam. 600 mm, 3 axis + a 4 th axis in continual rotation.

  • No. 64 tools complete with Multipallet with 6 positions.

  • No. 1  3 axis NUM control centre high production working table 3400 x 400mm

  • No. 1  3 axis SELCA control centre workin table 3000 x 700mm

  • No. 30 tools – with the possibility of working 2 zones

  • No.1  3 axis HAAS centre high speed working table 1200 x 500mm

  • No.24 tools

  • No. 1  3 axis HAAS high speed centre + rotating table, 4/5 axis working table 1000 x 600mm

  • No. 24 tools

RC Srl - ITA
RC Srl - Lavorazione meccanica alluminio Brescia



Aluminium processing and machining 
P.IVA 03524340985

Registration no. 541387 in the Camera di Commercio Industria ed Artigianato in Brescia.

Company under management and coordination of R.C. of Ramera Umberto Srl with headoffice in Rovato. 
Capital: deposited 100.000 €