RC Srl - Lavorazione meccanica alluminio Brescia


Performance in aluminium


RC customers have two main services available to them: the first is where they can have their own products processed and the second is where specific products are manufactured to customers' requirements.  In this case  it is the customer who presents  the project and it is up to us, with our technical knowledge and know-how related to aluminium processing, to fulfill the order.  Aluminium is a material whose production and processing techniques are constantly being questioned, always open to new interpretations and it is for this that we move in new directions examining the smallest of details but maintaining our well established knowledge.



Consistently high quality - that is the claim rightly made about our products, our services and the protection of the environment.  The results are the incentive for a level of quality and compromises.  And because all processes of our work demand a high level of precision and reliability, it is  constantly under scrutiny.



Functioning logistics are based on simple principles!

When "just in time" really means "immediately", we are the ones to call!  We can organise the entire storage and delivery service for our customers.  Of course, all delivery deadlines depend on the orders.

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RC Srl - Lavorazione meccanica alluminio Brescia



Aluminium processing and machining 
P.IVA 03524340985

Registration no. 541387 in the Camera di Commercio Industria ed Artigianato in Brescia.

Company under management and coordination of R.C. of Ramera Umberto Srl with headoffice in Rovato. 
Capital: deposited 100.000 €