RC Srl - Lavorazione meccanica alluminio Brescia

The Quality

The result we obtain is the incentive for us to search for a high quality product without  compromising.  The quality must not be just high but, above all, stable.

We are sure that the service we offer will allow our customers to rediscover the characteristic high quality of our products.and services.  As the performance of each individual process requires a high degree of precision and reliability, we subject our work to constant controls.

The technical office has the following programmes available:

  • No. 3 Solidwork programmes – For the study of the feasibility of the project and the research for the equipment necessary for our production.

  • No. 3 Alphacam programmes – For the development of all tool requirements for the machinery centres with up to 5 axis and a simulation of the work to be done allowing a rapid first estimate of costs.  It is connected through the network to the machinery.


The temperature controlled metrological room:

  • No. 1 MITUTOYO dimensional control centre piece – size 500 x 500 x 500mm

  • No. 1 Digital ELBO presetting

  • Various control equipment

RC Srl - ITA
RC Srl - Lavorazione meccanica alluminio Brescia



Aluminium processing and machining 
P.IVA 03524340985

Registration no. 541387 in the Camera di Commercio Industria ed Artigianato in Brescia.

Company under management and coordination of R.C. of Ramera Umberto Srl with headoffice in Rovato. 
Capital: deposited 100.000 €